December , 2015

Introduction to eTraceability and HORTMIS 2

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A National mechanism for compliance to horticulture standards that is  bench marked against global best practice.The Industry Code of Practice – KS1758, specifies the requirements for legal compliance, the responsible and safe production of fruits,vegetables, nuts,herbs and spices . The code also applies to the procurement of inputs and placing in the market of horticulture products. It applies to all players in the horticulture industry


A National pesticides monitoring framework for sampling and testing produce and monitoring Good agricultural Practices

A credible  national electronic produce  traceabiliy system that will support rapid and accurate recording, and sharing of critical supply chain information from farm origin  to distribution. The technology based platform will support small holder compliance to  market requirements and improve the industry's ability to share information and  manage food safety incidents more effectively 



Concerted efforts by the private sector, government, and farmers to work together to improve market compliance. The government formed the Horticulture Competent Authority Structure- HCAs The Kenyan State agencies responsible for strengthening and enhancing compliance of export produce.


Enhanced Measures

For National Compliance- NMC


​The Kenya horticulture industry has introduced measures to strengthen compliance to food safety standards and international market requirements. The measures are aimed at enhancing sustainable market access for horticulture producers.

September, 2015
Data collection and Consultations on eTraceability Project

3rd Traceability Steering Committe meeting  15th Sept

Naivaisha Hortifair 

February, 2016

Fruit Logistica Berlin  3/4/5

Introduction to eTraceability and HORTMIS 4

Packaging and Labeling 4

January, 2016

Traceability and Recall  Management Training of Trainers 2

Introduction to eTraceability and HORTMIS 3

 Horticulture Traceability System

November , 2015

IFTF Holland Trade Fair 4/5/6

Traceability Vital Record Keeping

Training-  TAs/Agronimists 2

Introduction to eTraceability and HortMIS training 1

​Traceability Training of Trainers


October, 2015
WOP Dubai 5/6/7  

Traceability - Recall Management Training workshop 1

​Traceability Vital record keeping Training 1

Traceability Packaging and Labeling Workshop 1